Thurs 5-10 PM, Sun 4-9 PM
Last Thursday in April until the last Thursday in October



Thursday 30th of October will be our last Mindil Market for 2014 Season. As per our tradition, it will be a costume party! This year the theme is "Superheroes & Villains". Come dressed up and celebrate with us the end of an awesome year! Amazing prizes for the best costumes, lollies and candies for all kids at our yellow Info Booth.

We thought of: Spiderman, Batman, the Joker, Gru and the Minions, Sailor Moon, Flash, Hulk, Iron Man, Gladiators, Wonder woman, Lara Croft, Storm, Hit Girl, Thor, Mystique, Poison Ivy, Bane, Captain America, Doctor Octopus, Flash, Goku, Hercules, Xmen, Magneto, Pyro, Cat woman, Wolverine .... whats on your mind?!

Our Mindil Crew is ready with their costumes!